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          2018-07-10 17:23:35

          Excavator Spare Parts Excavator Bucket Teeth 220-9089/220-9081


          Replacement part

          G.E.T Spare Parts 

          Gound engage tool China supplier

          Gold supplier wheel loader bucket teeth point 

          Excavator bucket teeth for earthmoving machinery


          Material:Carbon steel, Alloy steel,etc, such as T1,T2,T3,T4.
          Machine type:Excavator, Loader,Bulldozer,etc.
          Brands:Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB,Kobelco, Esco,Hyundai,Daewoo,Hitach,etc
          Heatnbsp;treatme`t:Quenching and tempering treatment
          Hardness:Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >=16J       Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
          Work condition:With excellent elongation and tensile strength,      suitable for many different hard working conditions.

          220-9089/220-90815TEETH STANDARD
          K80/222-10818.7TEETH HEAVY DUTY
          220-9099/220-90916TEETH STANDARD
          220-90937TEETH PENETRATION/TIGER
          KR09/220-90917.3TEETH STANDARD
          222-109110.94TEETH HEAVY DUTY
          232-0100/220-9101/220-910911.38TEETH STANDARD